Charting the New Reformation, Part IV - Building the Case for the Death of Theism: The Copernican Revolution

Essay by Bishop John Shelby Spong on 24 December 2015 4 Comments
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Instead of a single question from a reader this week, we run a series of comments from various readers regarding their responses to the new series “Charting a New Reformation” and specifically to the publication of the “Twelves Thesis.” We plan to repeat this process periodically throughout this series.

~The Editors


“I am intrigued by your continuing efforts to lead readers to re-think Christianity for better fitting the twenty-first century.”
~Barry Duell, Kawagor Japan

“Thank you for your wisdom. Count me in on your project. I like it a lot.”
~Colin Rowe, via the Internet

“Will this be threatening to some? Are you kidding? Why do you think so many Christians and church leaders are becoming more and more rigid, narrow-minded and even hostile? What is really happening in my own estimation is that God’s spirit is guiding the church through a painful, self-reflecting, purification process.”
~Dr. Steven McSwain, via the Internet

“Perhaps the finest, succinct, but thorough piece to date.”
~Brian J. Altra, Ph.D., Evansville, Indiana

“I have come to see Spong as an incredible bore. He has been beating the same drum for decades, saying the very same things over and over ad nauseum, as if he were some “voice crying in the wilderness,” fully equipped with a messiah complex.”
`Larry Gaissert, via the Internet

“You have given me the words that I needed just one day after my family had been torn apart by interpretations of the Bible. Two of my brothers and my youngest sister think I am going to hell. Please let me know how I can get started on this journey,”
~Dominick P. Varsalone ACRN, Western North Carolina

This past year has been a weird one for me, since my belief about the faith I hold dear has been changed because of you. I have been asked to leave my home because of my ‘harmful beliefs.’ As an eighteen year-old college student it is a terrifying, yet exhilarating change. But I do have to thank you. You encourage those with open minds to walk into the mystery, which is so profound to me.”
~Ezekiel Yu, via the Internet.

“Your willingness to propose a modern theology, which bears witness to the radical teachings of Jesus, but without shrouding him in the mystical clouds of what I think of as an ‘eternity dreamtime’ is a breath of fresh air. Thank you!”
~Geoffrey Williams, Bowral, New South Wales, Australia

“I am ready and excited to begin this journey with you. I cannot wait to read your columns when they arrive.”
~Richard Cooke, Deerfield Beach, Florida

“You summed it up so well when you wrote: “There is a need for the church to transform its holy words of yesterday into believable words of today.”
~Jillian Paters, Melbourne, Australia




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