Radical Inclusion Requires Moral Leadership- Part 3

Essay by Rev. Irene Monroe on 2 August 2018 2 Comments

Moral leadership has never been consistent in my lifetime, and I presume for us all. Like most social issues that are shaped by our human actions or inactions, moral leadership has its ebbs and flows.

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Can Christian liturgies be made to reflect reality rather than nostalgia?


Dear Reader,

It seems to me not all liturgy is “nostalgia.” There are many groups, like the Wild Goose Worship Group, that write more contemporary liturgies. Of course, there are parts of our religious history or “nostalgia” that have played an important role in getting us to where we are. Some have been healthier than others, but I'd argue they should not be forgotten. Maybe we just need to learn to not allow them to be the “end all be all.”

I think it would be much more useful to allow our past to inform our future, but not dictate it. Simply use it as one of the many filters through which we now view our current realities.

In the end, I think liturgies should fit the communities in which they reside. Some will be more traditional, and others will be more contemporary. The important part is for them to aid us in our acts of worship and spiritual growth.

~ Rev.Mark Sandlin




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