Religion and The New Paradigm (A Spiritual Upgrade)

Essay by Joran Slane Oppelt on 20 September 2018 9 Comments

There is a new paradigm in religious thought — that of the progressive, pluralistic ally of science and lover of truth. It is the path of those committed to a living integration of art, science, philosophy and spirituality.

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In Christ or Follow Jesus?  If I am a follower of Jesus, can I be in Christ too?


Dear Reader,

In my next essay I will explore liturgy but let me draw upon a passage from a liturgical text I’ve written for the Season of Creation to provide a context for my response to your question.

“May this promised land, the Earth, teach us to discover that from You all blessings do flow. Your Spirit hovers over the deep giving birth to all – creation is Christ incarnate. Your Spirit unites Mary and Joseph giving birth to the prophet from Nazareth – Jesus grows as Christ. Your Spirit suffuses souls giving birth to searching pilgrims – the unfolding body of Christ. Here, upon this fragile sphere within boundless space, You are inviting all things to realize the Christ they are created to be – becoming new, tasting your glory, knowing wholeness in You.”

In my experience, each of us is the continual weaving into being, moment-to-moment, of Being. We are unique, beautiful, unrepeatable manifestations of Being which is utterly (which is to say, gracefully) effulgent. What this means is that Being is not only humanity’s true nature but the true nature of all that is. Our essence is “to be.”

In my understanding then, “Christ” is the language Christians have for speaking of this universal truth about our true nature. Our spiritual path is to realize our Christic true nature – in other words, to realize for ourselves that we are Being becoming manifest, tangible, creatively expressive as our personal life. To be a follower of the way of Jesus is deeper and more intimate that being “in Christ”; the spiritual path is one of becoming the Christ (or Being) you already are by your very nature.

~Kevin G. Thew Forrester, Ph.D.




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