I am tired of giving to charities.

Column by Rev. Jess Shine on March, 16 2023

Let me say that again for the people in the back. I’m tired of giving money to charities. I’ve served the church in development and parish life for over 20 years. I don’t believe giving is wrong. The Bible tells us God loves a cheerful giver and infers that we can’t out give God. So why do I say I’m tired of giving to charities?

M. D. Chenu’s Very Progressive Christianity

Column by Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox on March, 9 2023

Why is a Chenu Institute and a new book about him such good news for progressive Christians today?  Because he was a progressive and courageous theologian throughout his life and was unafraid to break the glass in so many areas of culture and religion including theological education. 

The Birth and Death of the First Century Church – Part 2

Column by Dr. Carl Krieg on March, 2 2023

We began with a description of human nature and used that to try to understand who Jesus was and how he was able to impact people, an analysis that bypasses much of the traditional theology about who and what he was.

Flipping the “He Gets Us” Script

Column by Rev. Jim Burklo on February, 23 2023

The people behind HeGetsUs don’t get him.  But that doesn’t prevent us from using their campaign to help folks get who Jesus really was – and making his compassionate personality the welcoming face of our progressive faith communities. 

What happens when we are gone?

Column by Rev. Gretta Vosper on February, 16 2023

What will happen if we disappear? Not “we” as in Earth’s upright and most capable digit-users, though I’m sure we’ll deal with that over the course of time, but “we” as in progressive thinkers in the church. What will happen if we disappear?

Rising Above the Darkness of These Times

Column by Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Frantz on February, 9 2023

I don’t know about you, but in recent times, I can hardly bear to watch the news.  It’s simply too depressing.  Gun violence continues to spin out of control with scant hope of any sensible resolution in sight. 

Over the Hills and Everywhere

Column by Rev. Lauren Van Ham on February, 2 2023

“Where are Americans finding meaning in their lives? How are they marking the passing of sacred time? Where are they building pockets of vibrant communities?

All-Loving – A Better Doctrine

Column by Rev. Roger Wolsey on January, 19 2023

“Good orthodoxy leads to good orthopraxy” is a common aphorism wielded among conservative evangelical and fundamentalist Christians. It’s frequently worded in a more aggressive manner: “without proper orthodoxy, there can be no proper Christian discipleship.”

A Conversation with Rachel Laser – Part 2

Column by Rev. David M. Felten on December, 29 2022

The following is Part 2 of two columns drawn from an interview with Rachel Laser, President of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State

Holy Envy

Column by Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers on December, 1 2022

For the last six weeks, my congregation in Norman, Oklahoma, has been reading Barbara Brown Taylor’s wonderful book, Holy Envy:  Finding God in the Faith of Others.