The Religious Question — and the Human Question

Column by Brian McLaren on April, 21 2022

If Jesus was right when he said, in his inaugural address (as found in Luke 4), that the Spirit of God’s agenda is to help the oppressed, the weak, the broken-hearted, those with (in Thurman’s words) their backs against the wall, then no wonder many people are struggling with their religious identity.

The Banjo – A Symbol of Endurance in the Midst of Great Suffering

Column by Toni Reynolds on April, 14 2022

Over the last four years I’ve fallen in love with the banjo. It has been an interesting journey to take up this instrument. I’ …

Walking Points: How to Respond to Evangelical Christians

Column by Rev. Jim Burklo on April, 7 2022

All of us at some point will be approached by evangelical Christians attempting to convince us to become their kind of Christians. What’s the most Christian way we can respond to them?  — whether we are Christians or not?

“Move Over Genesis”

Column by Rev. David M. Felten on March, 31 2022

As if we don’t already have enough problems in this country, the last few years have seen us slipping closer and closer to becoming a “post-truth society.” Facts just don’t seem to matter anymore.

Journaling to Ourselves

Column by Rev. Gretta Vosper on March, 24 2022

We evolve through the work we do in the course of our too-short and too-harried days. Embracing that for which we are grateful is our evolution toward joy. Witnessing to that which went well is our evolution toward self-worth. Acknowledging that which we regret is an evolution toward wholeness. These are the things that our faith traditions have offered us.

Confusion about the Holocaust confuses understanding  antisemitism

Column by Rev. Irene Monroe on March, 17 2022

Race is a social construct and not a biological fact. However, the deleterious effects of America’s dominant black/white racial paradigm excludes other racial groups whose skin color and phenotype complicate the racist model.

Anchoring Peace

Column by Rev. Fran Pratt on March, 10 2022

I write this to you, my Progressive Christian siblings, on a Monday morning during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I had written an entirely different …


Column by Dr. Carl Krieg on March, 3 2022

Although the intelligence indicated a Russian invasion was imminent, most of the people of the world, including Ukraine, continued on with life as usual. Then, in an instant, Russian tanks started rolling into a peaceful, non-threatening neighboring country, triggering the first such move of its kind in Europe since WW2.

Intimacy with all of Life*

Column by Rev. Lauren Van Ham on February, 24 2022

There is so much humility, discipline, curiosity and vitality in what the Creator asks of us – anything but monotonous!  In the Abrahamic origin story, there are some similarities as it centers Creation first and begins in a garden. 

Hope For The Future

Column by Rev. Deshna Charron Shine on February, 17 2022

“We belong to each other,” as indigenous teachers have said. So, how do we create a bigger table with every voice in mind and make sure every one is there when we start to wrestle with solutions?