Waking Up in a Shaking Up

Column by Brian McLaren on March, 7 2024

When I studied the resurgence of life after the world’s five previous extinction events — the Ordovician-silurian, Devonian, Permian-triassic, Triassic-jurassic, and Cretaceous-tertiary — I felt like I was witnessing an Easter-morning resurrection.

Losing My Place in the Winner’s Inner Circle

Column by Brian McLaren on November, 17 2022

Mainline Protestants were part of America’s most successful form of Christianity until the tide began to turn in the late sixties and early seventies, and now, they are no longer the successful majority.

God and Metaphors

Column by Brian McLaren on December, 16 2021

In my travels and speaking, people often ask me “what do we do with ______?” questions. The blank is most often filled in with a doctrinal issue like hell, creationism, original sin, inerrancy, atonement theory, and the like.

Progressive Christianity and the Preferential Option for the Young

Column by Brian McLaren on August, 19 2021

If you believe, as I do, that the world needs a vital alternative to regressive and right-wing Christianity, then you should join me in raising the alarm — and calling for radical action among forward-leaning Christians.

Doubt, Faith, and Why Breaking Up (with Authoritarianism) is Hard to Do

Column by Brian McLaren on January, 14 2021


I grew up in a 6-day creation sector of Christianity. Evolution, we were taught, was a Satanic deception to make us lose our faith. It was a banana …

Looking, Leaning, and Leading Forward

Column by Brian McLaren on June, 20 2019

In two previous columns: How I Got Here and  What Am I Now?, I shared a bit about my own backstory and where I am now as a progressive Christian. In this third column, I’d like to share a bit about what I see and hope for progressive Christianity looking forward.

What Am I Now?

Column by Brian McLaren on May, 16 2019

In my previous piece, I shared a bit about my past. This piece turns to the present. I’ve just begun work on two books, the second of which is tentatively entitled, Do I Stay Christian? As I sketch out the shape and trajectory of the book, I’m thinking more deeply about why I still identify as Christian and what I think Christian can and in fact must come to mean in the decades ahead.

Column by Brian McLaren on April, 11 2019

Suddenly, I saw in a new light the violence of the modern era, from colonialism to Stalinism to Naziism to nuclear war to the environmental crisis. Smart people, armed with excessive and un-self-critical confidence derived from their absolutized ideologies, could commit unspeakable atrocities without having second thoughts.