Waking Up in a Shaking Up

Column by Brian McLaren on March, 7 2024

When I studied the resurgence of life after the world’s five previous extinction events — the Ordovician-silurian, Devonian, Permian-triassic, Triassic-jurassic, and Cretaceous-tertiary — I felt like I was witnessing an Easter-morning resurrection.

Three Practices for Staying In Love

Column by Rev. Lauren Van Ham on August, 17 2023

When current events and self-perpetuating systems pin me in the extractive, enslaving, short-sighted story, there are 3 practices that help me to listen for divine guidance and to re-engage in the love story’s emerging plot. 

The Real End Times – From Doom to Faith

Column by Rev. Michael Dowd on July, 13 2023

Here we are, immersed in a swirl of biospheric breakdown and societal strife that isn’t going away; in fact, it’s getting worse. The darkness and distress cannot be passed off as the wrath of an angry God. Rather, we ourselves are at cause, and these are the real end times.

In Praise of Thanks

Column by Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox on November, 24 2022

Thanksgiving 2022.  There is much to be grateful for; and much to be concerned about. 

Column by Jennifer Berit and Skylar Wilson on May, 23 2019

There are countless other examples in the Bible that point to the human – earth relationship as a symbiotic mother and child.

Column by Joran Slane Oppelt on March, 22 2018

It’s clear that the mind of a child can comprehend the interconnected nature of man’s place in the world in its most simplistic form. When do we lose that awareness? What are we taught or told along the way to make us numb to or forgetful of the image of ourselves as not only part of our environment, but as protectors of it? What role models do we have that ensure we become the kind of person who will “watch out” for others bent on destroying or exploiting the Earth?

Column by Rev. Michael Dowd on October, 19 2017

Here is a short story. The theme: how human-centeredness alienated us from primary reality (Gᴏᴅ) and how ecology — the interdisciplinary study of the way, the truth, and the life of the living biosphere — can lead us home.