Irreversible Transformation: Choose Your Adventure

Column by Rev. Lauren Van Ham on November, 16 2023

We who get to be alive right now are living in the sixth great age of extinctions. We passed planetary overshoot a while ago and the ecological and societal effects are irreversible. This is the doom some speak of.

And Like the Sun, Our Generosity Continues

Column by Rev. Lauren Van Ham on August, 8 2019

It has become so easy now to feel anxious, worried or irritable by the state of things, by the frantic commotion modeled all around us, focusing on just about everything except what’s actually important. 

All The World A Thin Place

Column by Rev. Brandan Robertson on July, 11 2019

The Celtic tradition has a concept called “thin spaces”, geographical locations where the veil between heaven and earth, the world we live in and the realm of the Divine, seems to be remarkably thin.