East Illuminates West

Column by Support - Progressing Spirit on June, 8 2023

The East-West spiritual encounter has been profoundly formative for progressive Christianity.  Experiencing the meditative practices of the East has inspired us to explore the previously neglected contemplative tradition of our faith. 

A Grown-Up God for Times Like These

Column by Rev. Jaqueline J. Lewis, Ph.D. on April, 2 2020

I was a Christian; I am a Christian. But it became clear to me that God speaks more than one language. Because God wants to be known, I came to believe, by any means necessary, God speaks to the hearts of humans in the ways they can hear, inviting us to come close to be seen, known and loved.

The Case for a New Mythology

Column by Joran Slane Oppelt on March, 22 2018

It’s clear that the mind of a child can comprehend the interconnected nature of man’s place in the world in its most simplistic form. When do we lose that awareness? What are we taught or told along the way to make us numb to or forgetful of the image of ourselves as not only part of our environment, but as protectors of it? What role models do we have that ensure we become the kind of person who will “watch out” for others bent on destroying or exploiting the Earth?

Chautauqua Institution – 2014

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on August, 14 2014

It has many elements of a fantasy land. Once one enters the guarded gates, the world seems to fall away quickly. A person living in this community does not …

The Monolithic Conservatism of the American Heartland Is Not So Monolithic!

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on January, 5 2012

There are times when one’s perceptions are challenged and one’s stereotypical prejudices are shattered.  This happened to me in recent days when I fulfilled invitations to speak …