The Tail That Keeps on Flopping

Column by Rev. David M. Felten on May, 16 2024

he schism the United Methodist Church has been enduring the last few years, culminating in this Spring’s General Conference in North Carolina, is also a direct result of unresolved Civil War era prejudices.

Radically You

Column by Rev. Deshna Charron Shine on May, 2 2024

Today, I want to talk about one of my modern-day heroes, Alok V. Menon, known as ALOK. ALOK (they/them) is an internationally acclaimed poet, comedian, public speaker, and actor. I’ll add prophet. ALOK speaks brave truth to power and firmly holds themself in compassion and love.

We are all wonderfully made

Column by Rev. Irene Monroe on March, 30 2023

The Bible is replete with stories of various gender identities in God’s people. These biblical stories affirm that we all are wonderfully made and affirm our God-given right to live them out loud.

Hope For The Future

Column by Rev. Deshna Charron Shine on February, 17 2022

“We belong to each other,” as indigenous teachers have said. So, how do we create a bigger table with every voice in mind and make sure every one is there when we start to wrestle with solutions?

The “Emerging” Theology this Straight Minister Loves

Column by Rev. Dr. Mark Sandlin on October, 7 2021

As I read the first Creation story and put it in conversation with the big bang theory, there is a message that comes through loudly: Creation comes from unbinding everything in order to give it meaning. I would go as far as to say the best, most remarkable creations always do just that, unbind things, breakdown barriers and boundaries.