“OK, Guru-boy. If There’s No Original Sin and Hell, Why Be a Christian?”

Column by Rev. David M. Felten on September, 1 2022

Earlier this summer, I was called out as a heretic and accused of “sitting on Satan’s lap” courtesy of the Institute for Religion and Democracy (the fundamentalist think tank behind the schisms of many of our mainline denominations).

Thoughts on Baptizing Chapman Thomas Brinegar

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on July, 30 2015

This past summer in a lovely chapel quite literally on the coast of Maine, I had the pleasure of baptizing Chapman Thomas Brinegar. A baptism is something I hardly …

Part XXXV Matthew – Getting Back in Touch with our Source

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on January, 1 2015

I return this week to our study of Matthew’s gospel after a rather long hiatus, which allowed me the opportunity to address other pressing topics such as my visit …

Jewish Symbols of the Lamb Applied to Jesus- Part II

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on May, 1 2014

Part II:  The Lamb of Yom Kippur

Have you ever heard someone say: “Jesus died for my sin?” Have you ever asked what those words meant or …

The Contraception Debate: Is Misogyny on the Rise?

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on March, 8 2012

Here is some of the evidence.

In Virginia, the State Legislature was poised to pass and Republican Governor Bob McDonnell to sign a bill requiring a vaginally-invasive medical procedure …