Column by Skylar Wilson on September, 23 2021

Earth is 71% water. When we humans are born, we are made of approximately this same percentage. We are made in Earth’s image; created within Earth’s watery imagination. Born into life through a series of cosmic processes of explosive passion and grace.

Holding Space for Spiritual Transformation 

Column by Skylar Wilson on February, 6 2020

“New personality types are created during social and spiritual crises of religious, political, or economic origin.” ~Otto Rank

One hundred years ago, as the world was shaking …

Calling on Warriors for Beauty

Column by Jennifer Berit and Skylar Wilson on September, 19 2019

So what does it mean to be a warrior for beauty? In order to understand it, we must first look at what beauty is, and then we must turn toward what it means to be a warrior.

Column by Jennifer Berit and Skylar Wilson on May, 23 2019

There are countless other examples in the Bible that point to the human – earth relationship as a symbiotic mother and child.

Column by Jennifer Berit and Skylar Wilson on February, 7 2019

The movement to rewild the environment emerged and evolved out of the conservation movement of the 1960s, and directly challenges conventional conservation methods. While ecological rewilding practices differ from region to region, they share a common goal and means: they seek to increase biodiversity and reduce negative human impacts within an ecosystem by restoring the keystone species of the area – large carnivorous or herbivorous animals that greatly influence how the ecosystem functions as a whole.