Liturgy for Life

Column by Rev. Gretta Vosper on August, 31 2023

If you’re a mainline Christian, you likely experienced liturgy even if you are of a less liturgical tradition than the Episcopal or Presbyterian churches. And very possibly, even if you don’t know what it is, you’ve been steeped in it.

In Praise of Thanks

Column by Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox on November, 24 2022

Thanksgiving 2022.  There is much to be grateful for; and much to be concerned about. 

Celebrating Thanksgiving’s 400th anniversary of revisionist history

Column by Rev. Irene Monroe on November, 25 2021

In the spirit of our connected struggles for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, this Thanksgiving,  we should not solely focus on the story of Plymouth Rock. Instead, as Americans, we should focus on creating this nation as a solid rock that rests on a multicultural and democratic foundation. 

Rescuing Thanksgiving

Column by Rev. Dr. Mark Sandlin on November, 23 2017

The warmth of the house on Thanksgiving day; the comforting aromas of a home-cooked meal; the thankfulness that felt like it filled the air as family gathered, embraced, and shared stories from the past year; all of it was a reflection of my mother to me. It was a celebration of comfort, abundance, gratitude, and love. It was a celebration of family. And mom was the linchpin of the family for us.

Secretly, Thanksgiving was probably my favorite holiday back then. Yes, even more than Christmas. I loved Thanksgiving!