The Imperative of a Two-State Solution: A Path To Peace for Israel/ Palestine

Column by Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Frantz on November, 23 2023

What deeply concerns me about Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza is “what’s it all going to look like/ feel like on the other side”–when the violence has stopped?

Earth, Air, Fire, Water in Struggle with the Evils of our Times

Column by Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox on November, 2 2017

Last night I returned from a conference in Jamaica about Men and Masculinity—they are dealing with a veritable epidemic of violence among young men and killings of men by men. Not unlike El Salvador and many other places around the globe.

Here at home we have our own violence, much of it also spawned by reptilian brain action/reaction responses, efforts of striving to be “number one” at all costs, buttressed by sins of greed and denial and of patriarchy gone berserk.

What can we do about a preacher in our state whose website is “” and who is constantly harassing churches that …

Answered by Rev. Roger Wolsey

Making Sense of Violence and Terror in Boston

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on April, 25 2013

On Monday, April 15, Patriot’s Day in Boston, Massachusetts, the bomb blasts that occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon brought death, mutilation and injury to more than 200 …

Gun Control, Immigration and Senator Hagel: The Manifestations of Cultural Paranoia in our Current Political Debate

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on February, 7 2013

There are times when listening to the political debate in this country that I am absolutely astonished. Many of the participants in the current struggles regarding the proposed limitation …

Troy Davis and the Debate over Capital Punishment

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on September, 29 2011

Wednesday, September 21, was a consciousness-raising day in the United States.  It is always a conscious-raising occasion when a high profile public execution is about to take place.  The people …