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Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on 10 August 2005 0 Comments
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Dear Friends,

I really do enjoy your responses to our occasional guest
columnists. The response to The Rev. Gretta Vosper's column
"POISED" was by volume the largest we have ever received. I
am happy to run, in place of the Question and Answer feature
of this column today, a small sampling of your mail. I have
identified the writers with the names that they used and the
places they live if they noted that. All I had in some cases
was an e-mail name or a state. If you want your full name
and place of residence used when your letters are printed you
need to enclose that information. I am happy to identify you
whatever way you identify yourself.

New subscribers who may not have seen Gretta's column, which
ran on July 6, 2005, or those subscribers who would like to
read it again in the light of these responses may access her
column by going to

Your mail each week is gratifying even when you write to
express a contrary point of view or to point out a mistake
that my usually infallible editor (my wife Christine) has
missed. I read them all. I respond to many of them through
the column. I wish I could respond to each one individually
but the volume would require every minute of the day and a
staff that I do not have.

I send you all my best wishes.

— John Shelby Spong


Gretta Vosper Responses

I admire the Rev. Gretta Vosper for having the courage in
standing up to the fundamentalist part of her church in
placing her on trial for heresy. But why does Rev. Gretta
Vosper want to have anything to do with Presbyterianism when
its founder was such a narrow-minded, intolerant bigot? Her
Canadian Center for Progressive Christianity should divorce
itself from John Calvin.

— Helio Sol

I am a member of Gretta's West Hill United Church in Toronto.
The first time I entered the church I felt like I was
finally coming home. I have two small children that I bring
along with me. What Gretta has brought me to understand is
how to or at least how to try to answer these questions. Our
church motto is "Life is Journey" and it is something I live
into, not up to. I have many friends that are Evangelicals,
Seventh Day, Muslim, Hindu, Jehovah Witness




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