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Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on 18 July 2007 0 Comments
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I'm a regular poster on your forum and one of the issues
brought up was regarding the right to bear arms. Should the
government make it illegal for a citizen to own a gun? Are more
gun ownerships good or not, in your opinion? I'm sure you've
noticed by now that we often stray from your essays which we so
look forward to reading. I'd say you inspire free thought.
Thank you so much for your contribution.


I do not think the government ought to violate
the Constitution of the United States by making it illegal for
citizens to bear arms. I also do not think that private
citizens have a need for machine guns, bazookas, ground to air
missiles or anti-tank guns. I believe that it is necessary when
a citizen is convicted of a crime and is judged to be a
perpetual threat to others in society, that the state not only
has the right but the duty to relieve that citizen of any arms
he or she possesses but also to incarcerate that person forever.
I also believe that the state has the right to limit the
presence of firearms in public to those who require them in the
exercise of their legally authorized peacekeeping duties. No
one else should have the right to carry guns in public places.

I think the National Rifle Association goes to
absurd lengths to protect the Constitutional right to bear arms.
I also would disagree, however, with those who want to remove
the right of all citizens to protect themselves and their homes
or to use guns in hunting activities.

John Shelby Spong




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