Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on 19 December 2007 0 Comments
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In keeping with the Christmas season for the Question and Answer
part of this column, I would like to publish with the permission
of its author, Joy Cowley, a Roman Catholic Christian from
Auckland, New Zealand, her translation of the words of Mary's
Song from the birth narrative of the Gospel of Luke. That song,
called "The Magnificat," can be found in Luke 1:46-55. Joy
understands the essential task of the modern disciple of Jesus to
make yesterday's words capable of being understood in the words
of the 21st century. I am grateful to her for her gift.

John Shelby Spong

My soul sings in gratitude.

I'm dancing in the mystery of God.

The light of the Holy One is within me

           and I am blessed, so truly blessed.

This goes deeper than human thinking.

I am filled with awe

           at Love whose only condition

           is to be received.

The gift is not for the proud,

           for they have no room for it.

The strong and self-sufficient ones

don't have this awareness.

But those who know their emptiness

           can rejoice in Love's fullness.

It's the Love that we are made for,

           the reason for our being.

It fills our inmost heart space

           and brings to birth in us, the Holy One.

Joy Cowley, Auckland, New Zealand




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