The Origins of the Bible, Part XX: I and II Zechariah, Primary Shapers of the Christian Story

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on 5 February 2009 0 Comments
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Did you know that your book Honest Prayer is currently being listed on some sites as costing as much as $85 for a used copy?


They must think the original hardback that came out in 1972 is a collector's item! For anyone who wants the book, and not a collector's item, Honest Prayer has been republished in paperback by St. Johann Press in Haworth, New Jersey, and these paperbacks are also available from Amazon at a very paperback price. They even offer used ones.

You need to know that an author (unless self-published) has nothing to do with the marketing or the pricing of his or her own book. That is the publisher's responsibility.

Honest Prayer was an exciting venture for me. It was my first book and grew out of a deeply meaningful pastoral relationship with a woman in her early forties, married with three children, who had an incurable cancer. It was the first time I was not able to put together the assurances of my faith, which at that time I had never questioned, with the realities of life, so I wrestled publicly in a series of sermons on the subject of prayer. This little book was the result. I have moved beyond the place where I was when that book was written more than a quarter of a century ago, but not in a different direction. I only skimmed the surface in that book, but it started me on a lifelong journey. I will return to that theme when my last book comes out in 2009 on life after death.

Thanks for writing.

~ John Shelby Spong





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