The Origins of the Bible, Part XXVI: The Wisdom Literature

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on 8 July 2009 0 Comments
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When I pray any kind of prayer, there is an energy created within me that I believe in some way adds to a sacred energy in the world. I'm not sure how far it gets, or whether it does any good other than add to the positive energy in the universe. If I'm made of "stardust" then maybe there is an energy connection with others, perhaps through our "ground of being." I know that praying, saying formal prayers, taking the various liturgical prayers, prayerful reading of scripture, meditation and the like, are energizing for me and I hope the energy goes somewhere. I'm happy with the energy.


Dear Bernard,

Thank you for your contribution to the debate on prayer and its efficacy. Yours is a perspective that is growing in popularity as the old understanding of prayer, namely the petitioning of an external, supernatural being to come to our aid, begins to sink into the sunset, assigned there by the explosion of human knowledge about how the universe operates.

There is still much more to be said about prayer, but your words represent a welcome step into the dialogue for which I am grateful.

~John Shelby Spong



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