Common Dreams II, Melbourne, Australia, 2010

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on 11 March 2010 0 Comments
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Dr. Larry L. Ligo, Professor of Art History at Davidson College, writes:

Thank you so much for your clear, informative, exciting, liberating insights into the meaning of Christ for Christians living in the twenty-first century. I first heard of you and your ministry in a Charlotte Observer article when you were lecturing in Charlotte last fall. I missed your presentation but was intrigued by the article and have since read five or six of your books. Thank you.

I also wish to express my condolences to you concerning the recent death of your friend Michael Goulder. I have gained much from your treatment of his work in Liberating the Gospels. I have been trying to find copies of his out-of-print books but have not, as yet, been successful.

Will you be speaking in the North Carolina area in the near future? Do you have a schedule of your upcoming speaking engagements?


Dear Professor Ligo,

Thank you for your letter. When I was growing up in Charlotte, N. C., Davidson College was the crown jewel of nearby educational opportunities. I always admired its commitment to academic excellence. What was then a very small town had a mayor named Tom Griffith, who was a dairy farmer and in fact my mother's brother and thus my uncle. Your letter brought back many memories to me.

Thank you also for your condolences on the death of one of my three major mentors in life, Michael Goulder. I will write about his death and his influence on me in a future column. His books are indeed hard to find. I suggest looking at a major theological library.

A schedule of my speaking schedule is available on my column's Web site at all times (view the calendar here). My next venues in North Carolina will be in Hendersonville at a UCC-Congregational Church in late May and early June, and in Highlands on the Monday and Tuesday nights of the first three weeks of August, sponsored there by the Highlands Institute of Theology and Religion. Both are about a three-hour drive from Davidson, but I would love to see you.

John Shelby Spong




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