Loving The Earth Is Essential

Column by Rev. Roger Wolsey on 28 October 2021 0 Comments

Our planet is not well. That’s an understatement. The Earth is in a state of crisis. Human aggravated global warming/Climate Change is a real and present danger.

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How do you deal with the suffering we experience as humans?


Dear Reader,

A wild-woman would say: There is no right or wrong way to deal with suffering, just effective and ineffective. There is often something positive that comes out of suffering, especially when we approach our suffering in an effective way. By effective, I mean, we feel it fully, we take time to process it and we maintain a sense of temporality.

Everything is complex and sometimes things that seem “bad” or hard, challenging, frightening, un-grounding, unknown, or tragic in the moment lead to amazing things later that we can not predict. Sometimes, the suffering in the moment leads to evolution down the line that may not even be noticed or seen.

My heart feels the suffering on this planet. I can literally close my eyes and tap into the immense grief, fear, and desperation that is being experienced out there. But I can not hold the whole weight of the world. I wouldn't last long. So, I practice beaming my light into the hearts of the souls around me near and far. I lean into the practice and ask that light to travel farther. How far can my love go? How wide can this blessing be?

Nothing is permanent and everything changes. So in times of suffering, I remember: this too shall pass. And in times of bliss and abundance, I release, because: this too shall pass. I walk the middle path. Aware of the Darkness within. I send it to fight my battles when I am too sad or tired. And always, I seek to grow my Light. Each person I pass is an opportunity to bring light or to alleviate a bit of their suffering. Each breath is a gift, so I slow down time by being present with my breath, the ground I walk on, the people I am crossing paths with, the trees that breathe with me, the air the fills me, the water that nourishes me, the food that sustains me, the cats that need me, my daughter who sees me, my Beloved who frees me.

I deal with suffering by feeling it with all my being and reminding myself that I am held by a loving supportive Presence. I transform my suffering into empathy. I journey into the Darkness and allow myself to be a fully authentic complex human being experiencing a training ground for the evolution of the soul. Suffering is an opportunity, an invitation to surrender into Spirit and to release control.

~ Rev. Deshna Shine




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