My G🌎 D, What Have We Done?

Column by Michael Dowd on 27 January 2022 0 Comments

My thesis is simply this: A comet actually is heading our way. We ourselves set it in motion millennia ago. But only recently have scientists, echoing longstanding indigenous warnings, charted its course and voiced the alarm. Its name is Anthropocentrism and these are the End Times because human-centeredness will prove to be nearly as devastating as the comet in the movie.

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With the continuing political polarity across our nation for those of different races, cultures, sexualities, and genders, where do LGBTQIA+ people find the resources and advocacy to thrive in today’s less progressive churches?


This is an interesting question- the truth is that all around the world, thousands of progressive, inclusive churches are emerging that are drawing LGBTQ+ people and our allies out of the pews of non-inclusive churches into spaces of true inclusion and embrace. (To see many of these churches, check out

For those who may not have a progressive, inclusive church geographically near them, many turn to the internet to find inclusive community. Through social media groups to progressive clergy on TikTok, millions of people are being connected to resources that help them reinivision their faith in ways that allow them to bring their full self to the table. In the past two years, for instance, I have gained a following of nearly 200k people on the app TikTok where I proclaim progressive Christian messages every week. I actually left ministry in a brick-and-mortar church, in part, to start a virtual faith community for these thousands of people and now every week through Metanoia Church, ( hundreds gather via Zoom to be a part of a fully virtual inclusive community. So, our virtual world has made it easier than ever for people in every part of the world to be connected to resources and real community that embraces them just as they are.

The last thing I’ll mention is that there are dozens of international non-profits dedicated for reformation within the Church around LGBTQ+ inclusion. Groups like Q Christian Fellowship, The European Symposium of LGBTQ+ Christians, One Body, One Faith, We Are Church, Changing Attitudes, and the Global Interfaith Commission on LGBTQ+ Lives all offer resources for LGBTQ+ Christians and our allies to cultivate a progressive, inclusive faith and I’d highly encourage you to check them out!

~ Rev. Brandan Robertson




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