The Jig Is Up

Column by Rev. Roger Wolsey on 6 October 2022 0 Comments

What such people meant by this is that they feared that the era of privilege and power for straight, white, wealthy, capitalist men might soon pass unless it becomes vigorously defended.

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My faith seems to constantly be changing. I think it is mostly changing for the better. Some of my more conservative friends seem to think my faith should be more “rock solid” than that. Is it OK to have a frequently changing faith?


Dear Millie,

I'd go as far as to say not only is it OK, it is essential.

I mean, if we are not pleased with how things are or who we are, we need to experience change in order to live a better life, to expand our spirituality, to find greater happiness, to help create a better world.

It's just a reality of life, in order to have a better life, our current life must be transformed, be changed. It's true even down to the cellular level. You see, every 80 days or so our bodies replace 30 trillion cells, that is the equivalent of an entirely new you.

Life, it would seem only truly exists within the context of change.

That is certainly true of our spiritual lives.

A healthy spiritual life is about constantly striving to grow into a more compassionate, more caring person who offers their unique gifts in the service of a larger whole. That is impossible without change. Change offers us the possibility of growing beyond our current limitations into the fullness of our divine potential.

~ Rev. Dr. Mark Sandlin




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