Progressive Christianity & Psychedelics

Column by Rev. Roger Wolsey on 4 May 2023 0 Comments

There. I said it. I know I’m not the first, and I surely won’t be the last. It’s time to embrace and promote. My way of proclaiming the good news of psychedelic plant medicines as part of our salvation and healing is writing.

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How do you keep your spirits and attitude positive amidst the political turmoil and social unrest affecting our country today?


Dear Reader,

This is one of the most timely and yet hardest questions to answer. Most of us spend a lot of time consuming media that reminds us that our nation is divided, that there is an uptick in xenophobia, and nearly constant existential threats to our very existence. Is it any wonder that we are more depressed and anxious than ever? But in reality, our world is not much worse than it has always been- there have always been crimes, hate, fear, and existential threats- the difference is that now we are inundated with them in real-time, and so everything seems so dire. Now, I don’t want to make light of some of the threats we face- the climate crisis, for instance, is something we’ve not experienced in human history, and the costs of our inaction are high. So we should be anxious and moved to take action on an issue like that. On the other hand, we should each try to make a practice of stepping back and disconnecting. I, for one, have turned off notifications on the many news apps on my phone and turn on the “Do Not Disturb” feature from 6 PM onward to ensure that I am not constantly hearing all of the bad news that’s constantly thrown at me.

Also, despite the major threats we face, the truth is that humanity is making progress - things are objectively better, by almost all standards, in 2023 than they were 100 years ago. The values of justice, equity, democracy, and collective flourishing are growing around the world, and even when we face moments of regression, the general trajectory remains toward progress. Keeping a perspective of hope and measured optimism is essential if we’re going to keep up the momentum we need to continue realizing our vision for the common good. So take time to step back and consider the progress we’ve made, turn off the inflow of bad news, and step out into the world ready to work together to heal our divides and be an agent of progressive change.

~ Rev. Brandan Robertson




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