How do you rise in the morning from the dark sea of sleep?

Column by Kevin G. Thew Forrester, Ph.D. on 7 December 2023 0 Comments

I find that the perseverating mind commences before the fifth breath is even drawn. With a bullet train of thoughts underway, the nervous system is stimulated and sometimes already pumping your body with cortisol.

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What is the relationship between religion and spirituality?


Dear Reader,

Spirituality is part of the human condition. We are embodied spiritual beings and part of the human experience is spirituality. We can experience some of this without any teaching from others, employing our innate sensibilities that help us to notice and sense the Divine. Spirituality also refers to various practices that humans use to create favorable conditions for more intentionally discerning how God/Spirit is present and at work in our lives. An analogy is that spirituality is a fish becoming aware of the water in which it swims - and allowing that awareness to grow and help that fish to thrive and swim all the better because of it.

Jesus is said to have said, depending upon the translation, that "the kingdom of God is within (or near/among) you." This may suggest that there is a spiritual realm that is either within or right near us. In either case, we notice this realm via things that enhance our noticing of it. It's a matter of tuning our radars and increasing our disposition for this awareness and state of perception and.being; e.g,, reading holy scriptures, reading and writing poetry/art/music, fasting, intentional time in nature, centering prayer, meditation, breathing practices, etc. Religion, as I see it, is shared spirituality whereby people together engage in shared spiritual practices in community.

Regarding, "do we have spirits," I'd say that it may be wise to consider ourselves this way: “Humans are embodied, spiritual beings who are having an embodied, spiritual experience. That’s what a human experience is. We are human souls. We are human-spiritual beings.“ For more about this see, the article We're Not Just Passing Through.

Finally, I'd say that spirituality isn't synonymous with either emotion or imagination, yet feelings and imagination are often involved with spiritual experience. One can be moved to tears and/or elation by the awe of childbirth, the northern lights, a grief ritual, a yoga pose, a sexual experience, singing a song in worship, etc. See also this article that explores the differences between spirituality and religion "Why I'm Spiritual And Religious."Blessings to you in your personal and shared spiritual journey. See also this article that explores the differences between spirituality and religion "Why I'm Spiritual And Religious."

~ Rev. Roger Wolsey,




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