An Eye For An Eye?

Column by Rev. Dr. Robin Meyers on 18 January 2024 0 Comments

If progressive Christians pride themselves on radical truth-telling, then our time has come, and it will be dangerous. .. what will happen to those of us who have long-held unpopular and unorthodox religious beliefs?

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How do you deal with all the heaviness and feelings of horror we are experiencing right now?


Dear Amanda,

I feel you! We are all collectively experiencing trauma when we see the horrors of war and violence on a daily basis. Currently we are witnessing genocide, oppression, murder, rape, and the willful ignorance and fake impotency of the powers that be. We are witnessing the reaction of inter-generational trauma in the most devastating ways. It is so natural to feel hopeless and overwhelmed, depressed and full of rage.

In general, humans are guided by three main responses- feeling, thinking and doing. Most of us are most comfortable with only one of these and we avoid one or both of the others. My advice is to tap into all three, especially the one you most want to avoid.

Feel. Sit with your feelings, even the biggest scariest ones, and observe them. Welcome them like a treasured guest into your home. Greet them and allow them to fully take up space. Feel all the feels! By sitting with your feelings with compassion, they don’t stay swirling inside you. The energy that brought them to you is spent and they often dissipate after you have acknowledged and honored them.

Think. Spend time critically thinking. (Not scrolling) Read, then read more. Pay attention to your sources. Check your sources. Use that beautiful brain of yours!

Do. Do something. Sign a petition, send a donation, have a hard conversation. Put together care packages, call your elected officials. Or just walk, dance, scream.

And then rest my friend. And envision a world where all beings are free from suffering.

~ Rev. Deshna Shine




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