Irreversible Transformation: Choose Your Adventure

Column by Rev. Lauren Van Ham on November, 16 2023

We who get to be alive right now are living in the sixth great age of extinctions. We passed planetary overshoot a while ago and the ecological and societal effects are irreversible. This is the doom some speak of.

The “G” word and the “F” Word in High Places: Signs of Our Times

Column by Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox on September, 21 2023

Along with climate change and the move from religion to spirituality, another sign of our times is the rise of the G word and the F word alive and well in high places.  I am speaking of course of Greed and Fascism.

Three Practices for Staying In Love

Column by Rev. Lauren Van Ham on August, 17 2023

When current events and self-perpetuating systems pin me in the extractive, enslaving, short-sighted story, there are 3 practices that help me to listen for divine guidance and to re-engage in the love story’s emerging plot. 

All Hands on Deck

Column by Rev. Roger Wolsey on August, 10 2023

Folks, this is serious stuff. In fact, managing human-aggravated global warming and climate change is the single most important moral matter of our generation.

The Real End Times – From Doom to Faith

Column by Rev. Michael Dowd on July, 13 2023

Here we are, immersed in a swirl of biospheric breakdown and societal strife that isn’t going away; in fact, it’s getting worse. The darkness and distress cannot be passed off as the wrath of an angry God. Rather, we ourselves are at cause, and these are the real end times.

The Reconciliations of Autumn

Column by Rev. Lauren Van Ham on October, 20 2022

In the Northern hemisphere, we are in the season of Fall and harvest.  It is also the time when a number of cultures and traditions encourage communion with our benevolent ancestors, saints, and spiritual teachers.

My G🌎 D, What Have We Done?

Column by Rev. Michael Dowd on January, 27 2022

My thesis is simply this: A comet actually is heading our way. We ourselves set it in motion millennia ago. But only recently have scientists, echoing longstanding indigenous warnings, charted its course and voiced the alarm. Its name is Anthropocentrism and these are the End Times because human-centeredness will prove to be nearly as devastating as the comet in the movie.

Walking In The Good Way

Column by Rev. Lauren Van Ham on November, 4 2021

The most ancient path I know is the ecological one.  Creation is an intricate living system that honors life, death and rebirth within Earth’s natural cycles; where reciprocity is honorable, and all life is sacred.  We humans, who happen to be mammals (but also a bit of a virus), have trouble remembering the path of Creation.

Loving The Earth Is Essential

Column by Rev. Roger Wolsey on October, 28 2021

Our planet is not well. That’s an understatement. The Earth is in a state of crisis. Human aggravated global warming/Climate Change is a real and present danger.

When Everything Becomes Sacred

Column by Rev. Lauren Van Ham on September, 10 2020

We could describe the pain we’re in right now as the colonial anesthesia wearing off.  In epic fashion, events of the past many months have connected all the threads of the story: white supremacy and racism, detention centers and prisons, militarism and policing, the wealth of a few at the expense of  essential workers, broken healthcare, hurricanes, derechos, and wildfires, and certainly others.