President Trump the 2nd Christ?

Column by Rev. Dr. Mark Sandlin on September, 29 2022

“President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man – The Christ.” That’s the title of a book that is pictured in a meme making its way around social media. While it might sound like some kind of satirical production, it is not.

Why You Need to Be a Progressive Evangelist

Column by Rev. Brandan Robertson on January, 20 2022

When fragile hope is on the line, people will do anything to maintain it- even revolt against the very democracy they claimed to love.

Radical Inclusion Requires Moral Leadership- Part 3

Column by Rev. Irene Monroe on August, 2 2018

Moral leadership has never been consistent in my lifetime, and I presume for us all. Like most social issues that are shaped by our human actions or inactions, moral leadership has its ebbs and flows.

Land, Family, Failure, Prayer: Reflecting on Wendell Berry’s Farmers’ Manifesto

Column by Cassandra Farrin on June, 15 2017

June is planting season in Idaho. One can drive along rural highways past fields of corn shoots followed by the satisfyingly dark green foliage of mounded potato starts, fresh mint, and sugar beets. Small-scale and industrial farmers alike rush against the short growing season of the high desert to get plants into the ground after the last frost but before the July heat can kill the tender seedlings. This is the time of year I can’t help but recall Wendell Berry’s wonderful poem, “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front.” Now, I could have long conversations with Berry about some of his less appealing notions, but this poem speaks in a wonderfully anti-imperial, Christian voice that I can embrace. Here is how it begins, in an ironic tone:

Rush Limbaugh vs. Lawrence O’Donnell – What Would Jesus Cut?

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on May, 4 2011

The political debate, as it is viewed on the twenty-four hour a day cable news television channels, is frequently more amusing than informative. The necessity of keeping an audience …