What Pulls At Your Heart

Column by Rev. Deshna Charron Shine on January, 28 2021

My church was my extended family. And in my years of searching, I have yet to find a church like it, although I am sure they are out there.  So, why did I feel like, at 29 years old, that I was done with Christianity?

If it weren’t for you …

Column by Rev. Gretta Vosper on August, 31 2017

Much of the work I have been privileged to do over the past thirteen years has been the result of a conversation I had one day with the late Reverend Jim Adams, founder of The Center for Progressive Christianity (now called ProgressiveChristianity.org). If it weren’t for you, much of this would never have happened at all. Think of it as an “It’s a Wonderful Life” contribution!

My Friend: Richard Lester Shimpfky 1940-2011

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on March, 30 2011

Recently, I preached at the funeral of one who had been a close friend for more than 40 years.  His name was Richard Shimpfky.  Let me tell you something of …

Examining the Story of the Cross, Part III: There Never Were “Seven Last Words” From the Cross

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on March, 17 2011

One of the most dramatic services of Holy Week for me has always been the Good Friday “Three Hour Service.”  It was designed to enable Christian worshipers in some …

Why I Value Valentine’s Day and How I Lost my Hat on Broadway

Column by Bishop John Shelby Spong on February, 17 2011

On February 14, I took my wife to the Valentine concert at the Avery Fisher Hall in New York City. This concert featured the New York Philharmonic Orchestra under the …